Bonsai Tree Tools

These bonsai tools are things that you will eventually want to add to your collection. They make certain tasks easier and allow you to do more things with your trees. You can get a Complete set of Bonsai Tools Here at a discount price.

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    Knob Cutters. These are very similar to the concave cutters listed above, except that they have a spherical head, which allows you to cut bonsai tree branches and leave a small hollowed out scar. Very useful, but this bonsai tool is not as important as a good set of Concave Cutters.

    Folding saw. This is a useful bonsai tool for cutting through branches larger than the diameter of either concave or knob cutters. Particularly important for working with big trees.

    Bonsai Shears. These are great for working with really small trees or really twiggy growth where it is hard to get larger shears in close. These are a must have if you want to do detail work on smaller trees.

    Root rake. A Bonsai Root Rake is used to clear away dirt from the rootball before repotting. This bonsai tool is used to gently comb out the roots and to remove dirt.

    Tweezers. Bonsai Tweezers have all sorts of purposes in bonsai, from pinching back new growth and pruning to removing unwanted objects from your bonsai. Most bonsai tweezers will have a small trowel on the end, useful for patting down moss, sowing seeds, and many other odds and ends.

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