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Welcome to OnePlaceShopping's Directory to online auctions and trading Boards.  This Web directory guide lists websites offering online auctions and Trading Boards!  So if you want to buy, sell, or trade something, then you will like our guide to Trading Boards and auctions.  The Auction Sites will typically charge a listing fee and a sales fee if you are selling an item.  If you are buying an item on Auction, then the seller pays those fees.  You just have to pay for the item if you win!

Guide to Online Auction Sites 
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Ebay - World's Largest Auction Site!
Specialties:  Everything and then some.
Cost to Bid: 
Cost to List an item:  

is the largest and most popular Auction Site on the internet. You can find just about anything you want on eBay . If you are buying an item, you will need to pay for the item as well as a shipping charge for the item.  If you are the seller, you will be charged a small listing fee and a small charge if your item is sold. These charges are based on the value of the item you are selling, but start at just 25 cents. If you want to sell your item quickly, eBay is definitely the place to go!    
Easy Registration and you will be placing bids in a few minutes!  
Place some bids today, It's Fun!
Use the form below to search Ebay for whatever you are looking for!

Jewelry, collectibles, antiques,  vacations
Cost to Bid: 

Bids start out at just $1 and there is no reserve.  This means that whoever bids the most, wins the item.  Auctions are backed by a 15 day money-back guarantee.
Specialties:  Computers, Jewelry, collectibles, gifts, electronics, travel, more. 
Cost to Bid:  FREE
Cost to List an item:  
Currently None

This  is the number one site for major brand name products from leading manufacturers like Compaq, Dell, Hewlett Packard, JVC and Sony.
  You can find alot or BRAND NEW items.  Many of the items or listed by companies liquidating their inventory, so you can find NEW items for sale at a fraction of the retail price.
Head to head bidding wars. Go now

Xuppa's Auctions - the Web's BEST New Auction Site!
Jewelry, gifts, electronics, more.
Cost to Bid: 
Cost to List an item: 
$2.50/Month Flat Fee

If you plan on selling more than a few items, then give Xuppa a try.  Currently they charge a low flat rate of just $2.50/month.  Once you paid this small fee, there are no other charges.  No commission fees.  List as many items as you want.  You can quickly save alot of money in fees if you sell much at all.

Sierra's Trading and Message Boards
Specialties:  Pokemon, Beanie Babies, Trading Cards, Video Games, Harry Potter
Cost to Bid: 
Cost to List an item: 

Current Categories include:  pokemon cards and games, dragonball z, magic the gathering, digimon, harry potter games and cards, video games, and beanie babies.  Free trading boards in a new format with lots of features.   No Fees.


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